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MaryFatimah has practiced acupuncture for eight years, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine, and nationally board-certified by the NCCAOM. She holds a B.A. from Smith College, and a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health.

On Flow

by in Acupuncture February 28, 2014

If you are familiar with Chinese Medicine, you know that Acupuncture is all about flow. According to one of the central philosophical texts, the Tao Te Ching, the “highest good is like water”, meaning the most advantageous way to be is move effortlessly and become effortlessly. Being in flow is commonly described today as being […]

What is Qi Gong?

by in Health Plan January 20, 2013

Qi gong is a low impact but powerful exercise that nourishes from within. It helps promote the free flow of qi, alleviating physical symptoms and emotional imbalances. It also helps maintain good health. Why practice Qi Gong? For one thing, it’s an alternative to the gym, and it’s effects are similar to an acupuncture treatment. […]