The Daily Point: Ki-1, Bubbling Spring

by in Acupuncture February 11, 2012

Bubbling Spring Kidney 1 Element: Wood within the Water element Location: Bottom sole of the foot, where the the Kidney meridian begins. This wonderful point name denotes the image of a vibrant ground spring bubbling up with potential and life.  When tonified, Bubbling Spring enlivens and revitalizes Kidney qi (willpower, energy, motivation, endurance.)  As a wood point on […]

November Health News

by in Acupuncture October 16, 2011

This is useful information on incorporating Acupuncture and other wellness modalities into your flex spending account, from Whole Living Magazine (http://wholeliving.com): “November is open enrollment season, when many employers invite staffers to pick a health plan and decide how much of next year’s salary they’ll set aside-tax free-to cover eligible medical expenses.  Think big this […]