Hello, Summer!

by in Acupuncture June 29, 2016

Because few things are more joyful than puppies!

Summer is the time of year when the most yang qi is available, both in nature and in our bodies.  This means there is a great amount of energy available for healing and transformation.  Many people observe that they feel at their best in the summer.
For this reason it is important to continue with self care and wellness in the coming months – not only with acupuncture, buy with vacation, rest, and activities that bring you relaxation and joy.

The summer season in Chinese Medicine relates to the Fire Element and therefore, the expression of joy and love in connection with ourselves and others.  The organ systems under the auspices of the Fire Element include the Heart, Pericardium, Triple Heater, and Small Intestine.   

The Fire element is vital to our sense of feeling at home in ourselves. This season directly relates to the Heart, which ensures steady peace.

Signs that fire may be out of balance and treatment/care is needed include:

  • Depression and fatigue/lack of vitality
  • Increased feelings of insecurity and vulnerability
  • Palpitations, Anxiety, Insomnia
  • Scattered thinking, short-term memory issues
  • Feeling of chaos that are long-standing

When imbalances are not resolved during the summer, it often leads to an imbalance in the next – late summer or fall – which is why treatments for seasonal balance are always encouraged in traditional healing.  It is always easier to stay healthy than to treat an entrenched illness.  Self-care is often learned after one becomes totally exhausted, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

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Just as joy is the natural emotion of the summer, sadness may also arise. It is important to acknowledge it, allowing it to pass away naturally. Acupuncture can also help with the processing of emotions so that they do not become stagnant or pathological.

Making the most of summer: the season of the heart’s joy

According to Chinese Medicine, the heart is the metaphorical emperor of the the body, mind and spirit.  When the heart is happy, the rest of the kingdom is ruled effortlessly efficient and peaceful. This state of being is known as wu wei.

Wu wei translates as effortless being through active surrender.  The heart thrives on unconstrained being (in contrast to doing or straining) and spontaneity.

Allow some time to be unstructured this summer.   This doesn’t have to mean a big endeavor, it’s just creating a little space for nourishment, play, and creative exploration.  This could be exploring a new place, or returning to an activity that brings you joy, or, in the bigger sense, discarding old assumptions/beliefs you hold about yourself and others to allow for a new experience of presence and possibility.

Looking forward to connecting with you this summer, and wishing you joy and good health!

MaryFatimah Weening, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
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