Real Nutrition: Simple Soup in 7 Minutes

by in Acupuncture July 8, 2016

This extremely basic soup contains some of the healthiest ingredients you can find for digestive health, including probiotic cultures (miso base), anti-inflammatory herbs (tumeric) and whole system nourishment (spinach, chickpeas).  The chickpeas thicken the soup to make a creamy texture, and the greens keep in light and refreshing.  The marinated chickpeas (from MOMs Organic Market) and the miso season it with both sour and salty flavors.  No added salt or herbs are necessary, although adding a handful of garden fresh herbs is always optional.

I drew the ingredients for this recipe based on what was in my fridge the other day, and after tasting it I really wanted to share it.  It was surprisingly good for a thrown together meal, and I could also feel the impact of all those ingredients on a physical level.  I’ve made the soup a few times since then and it’s worked out with different variations on the basic components (switching out parsley for dill, for example.)  A potato or yam could also be added to make it even creamier and heartier in cooler weather.

If you’re familiar with Chinese Medicine, you’ll know we love our soups.  They support the stomach and spleen which means they engender overall vitality and clarity of thought.

Miso chickpea base
Filtered water
Divina marinated chickpeas (MOMs Organic Market) 
Organic spinach
Organic dill
Tumeric root

1. Simmer 2-3 cups filtered water
2.  Grate tumeric root to yield 2 teaspoons
3.  Add several handfuls of spinach (2 cups), chickpeas (1/2 cup), and grated tumeric to simmering pot to lightly cook (2 minutes)
4. Turn heat on low and add fresh dill, simmer for a minute and remove from heat.
5.  Add 1-2 TBSP of chickpea miso to taste.
6. With an immersion blender, blend all ingredients until creamy.

Serve hot with white rice.
Chickpea miso can serve as a base for endless veggie soups.

On the Main Line, all ingredients can be found at MOMs Organic Market in Bryn Mawr.
There is also a new MOMs opening up in Center City Philadelphia.  We are excited.


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