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Shiatsu Massage Therapy

What is Shiatsu Massage?

Shiatsu is a form of Japanese massage that is based on the meridian system developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The translation of “shi” is finger, and “atsu” is pressure – in other words, finger pressure massage. Shiatsu is often referred to as “acupuncture without the needles”. The shiatsu therapist uses palm, finger, and thumb pressure along meridian pathways (the channels connecting acupoints) to stimulate a healthy flow of qi, or life force energy, to the body/mind system.

Shiatsu works to improve overall health by affecting the internal energy system. Therapy often results in increased range of motion and improved coordination.

Shiatsu is an effective therapy for relief of many types of chronic symptoms as well as those looking to integrate shiatsu into a wellness routine. 

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What to Expect During Your Shiatsu Massage Therapy Appointment

Shiatsu is similar to a regular massage, but also designed for those seeking pain relief or to address a health concern.

  • You are fully clothed during a shiatsu session, so it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothes
  • Each session is designed to address mind, body and spirit
  • Shiatsu uses acupressure massage, stretching and holding techniques to open and clear blockages, relieve muscle pain and allow you to experience relaxation and healing
  • Shiatsu looks for the root cause of disharmony and always has a therapeutic goal
  • Shiatsu Massage is based on the same meridian therapy as acupuncture, and is considered a form of Japanese bodywork, therefore it can be a great complement to Acupuncture.

Jessie Baty, Shiatsu Therapist

Jessie is a French native, hailing from Lyon. She attended the renowned International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA, and has been in practice for several years. Jessie combines a strong knowledge of Chinese and Japanese Medicine Theory along with an intuitive touch in her sessions.

Jessie discovered Shiatsu massage as a musician, seeking to branch out into a therapeutic art that centers around helping others while improving physical and mental health. After four years of studying Shiatsu, she became a Shiatsu therapist with the intent of sharing this restorative bodywork with others.

Jessie is also an active Aikido student and practices with Jason Perna Sensei in Philadelphia.

The Present Sage community is honored to have her join our wellness community as of summer 2018!

Shiatsu Clinic Hours at The Present Sage Acupuncture

TUESDAY 9:00-1:30
FRIDAY 11:30-4:00 (earlier morning appointments by request)
SUNDAYS 9:00-4:00

*Appointments are 60 minutes.
*Single sessions are offered and a series of four shiatsu sessions over four weeks is recommended.
Packages available.

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