Jessie Baty

Jessie is a French native, hailing from Lyon. She attended the renowned International School of Shiatsu in Doylestown, PA, and has been in practice for several years. Jessie combines a strong knowledge of Chinese and Japanese Medicine Theory along with an intuitive touch in her sessions.

Jessie discovered Shiatsu massage as a musician, seeking to branch out into a therapeutic art that centers around helping others while improving physical and mental health. After four years of studying Shiatsu, she became a Shiatsu therapist with the intent of sharing this restorative bodywork with others.

Jessie is also an active Aikido student and practices with Jason Perna Sensei in Philadelphia.

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MaryFatimah Weening, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

MaryFatimah has practiced acupuncture for eight years, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine, and nationally board-certified by the NCCAOM. She holds a B.A. from Smith College, and a Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Maryland University of Integrative Health.
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