Tibetan Foot Soak Benefits

by in Acupuncture October 26, 2017

For good health this fall, healthy circulation is key as temperature drop and outdoor exercise routines become less routine… This is where a traditional Asian therapy can help.

This special line of therapeutic footsoaks was once reserved for the Lamas of Tibet and the Emperors of China and are now part of everyday healthcare in Asia. Comprised of medicinal herbs that can improve circulation throughout the body, they address many common health concerns. This healing blend of herbs is a relaxing complement to your self care regime and is part of my own nightly ritual. It can be used to address specific health concerns OR for prevention and wellness maintenance.

This therapy has been used historically in Asia to ease pain – including back pain, plantar fasciitis, headaches, arthritis, and menstrual pain. They can also improve immunity and reduce inflammation, which gives them far-reaching therapeutic implications.

From a mental/emotional perspective these herbs help to move through blockages (such as stifled expression, feeling constantly thwarted or frustrated, for example). They can address insomnia in some patients.

For more information on the herbs and how they work, listen to the podcast below from the doctor who is helping to make this medicine available to the west. They are tested for quality and purity, ethically and sustainably-sourced. A portion of proceeds goes back to the local region where they grow, making it a truly full circle healing approach.

We are always looking for ways to empower our patients, and Tibetan footsoak therapy, as an in-home practice, is one of those modalities. If you are curious about trying them, please schedule an in-office consult.

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The podcast on how these herbs work, the region they are from, how they became available to our clinic, is quite fascinating. Highly recommended!

Episode #33: Tibetan Footsoak Therapy Pharmacology and Use

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